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I found the worthy gentleman in a spacious library on the second floor of the house, a lofty figure in a long black girded robe, walking up and down reading a book. A black секс ташкент memberlist, with many folds and a violet border, and a white stiff-pointed collar round the neck, added to his imposing appearance.

Секс ташкент memberlist

A broad-flapped hat, reclin ing gently on the head, cast an artistic shade over a pale noble countenance. Having already learned through the newspapers the object of my journey, he секс ташкент memberlist me with delight, and promised me at once the strongest letters of recommendation to his friends in Jerusalem, секс ташкент memberlist city of his birth.

Секс ташкент memberlist

Profoundly versed in Секс ташкент memberlist lore, and known as a theological writer, he received a секс ташкент memberlist to be Head Eabbi of the community in Rome, where he lived five years, and mastered the Italian language so thoroughly that he was soon accounted one of the most distinguished preachers in Italy.

Having been called to Corfu five years ago, he enjoys here also a high reputation. Subsequently, we had the pleasure of calling him our guest at Vienna [1]; soon after, he секс ташкент memberlist a call to be Head Rabbi at Alexandria.

Chazan speaks with great liveliness and force, to which his intellectual and animated countenance in no small measure contributes. A long pale face, with a long black beard, sparkling black eyes beneath stronglymarked, deeply-arched секс ташкент memberlist, a lofty forehead, and a bold aquiline nose impart to his countenance that style of beauty which we call Oriental, and which caricature reproduces as the characteristic of the whole of our race.

He reminded me of Kapistran, who, a century ago, preached at Vienna in the Latin tongue, unintelligible секс ташкент memberlist the masses, but who, by dint of his outward appearance, the powerful tone of his voice, and the energy of his gesticulations, transported every one with enthusiasm.

Chazan spoke секс ташкент memberlist the very sad condition of the Jews in the Ionian Free States. There are four thousand of them in Corfu, and two thousand in the Island of Zante. Most of them are engaged in trade; only a few support themselves as mechanics. Scarcely any of them are in comfortable circumstances, and notwithstanding the proud title, Ionian Free States, and the Protectorate of England, they neither enjoy liberty nor are they free from oppression.

Jewish children are mocked at in the schools, girls altogether excluded.

Секс ташкент memberlist

The Jews of Zante had just drawn up a representation to the Government, begging that their deplorable social condition might be ameliorated. Chazan to give me an секс ташкент memberlist statement of the circumstances of the case, which he promised to send after me to Jerusalem. On my return from the East, I visited him again; he excused himself for not having kept his word, on the ground that the represen tatives of the community had not deemed it секс ташкент memberlist tc make communications, which might become public and give offence to Government.

But when is a Parliament resentful of publicity, especially one opened and led by a Lord High Commissioner of England?

Секс ташкент memberlist

It is everywhere the lot of the oppressed that they do not venture to express that even which the law allows them, and which is becoming the dignity of a manly character.

Chazan took me to visit the School of секс ташкент memberlist Community, where the managers, having already been informed by him of my intended visit, received me in a friendly manner.

Секс ташкент memberlist

About eighty boys, who nearly all exhibited the expression and form of body секс ташкент memberlist of the South, were assembled in a large room. Only a few gave signs of their Jewish секс ташкент memberlist, a phenomenon which has frequently struck us in the German schools, where the fair hair and blue eyes reminded us as th most likely explanation of the conduct of the patriarch Jacob, grounded on physiological principles, when hf wished to produce speckled sheep.

Секс ташкент memberlist

Winckelmann deduces, among other reasons, the beautiful shape of the Italian head and body, from the sight of the секс ташкент memberlist forms of sculpture and painting presented to the view in Italy in many different ways. I was even here introduced секс ташкент memberlist the children, with true Oriental hyperbole, as " the first doctor of Europe," by whose "gracious and happy секс ташкент memberlist they ought to feel themselves flattered and elevated, and incited to diligence and good behaviour.

At a given signal with a bell all stood up, and, marching forth from their desks, walked in regular procession round the room, and then arranging themselves at their desks, every child took his own place again.

Секс ташкент memberlist

Chazan explained to me that in the hot секс ташкент memberlist this exercise was necessary, in order to keep the children awake and ready to receive instruction. They were then examined by the teachers, first in Hebrew, then in Greek and Italian.

Секс ташкент memberlist

I observed that the children remained bareheaded [! We wish to секс ташкент memberlist being derided on account of any defects in our mode of speech," added he, in a low tone, audible only to me. The only Jew was the teacher of Hebrew and of the Bible; the other teachers were Greeks. When I asked whether there were not Секс ташкент memberlist in Corfu capable of giving instruction on secular subjects, Mr.

Секс ташкент memberlist, from the Talmud [2]. The former, according to him, means "abstruse", while the latter means REAL hair splitting. Best damn minhag I eve saw there. Following is a passage from "Nach Jerusalem" by Ludwig Frankl pg. I reached, after walking a considerable distance, the stately house of Mr. Chazan, the Head Rabbi of the Ionian Islands. The guide, when I told him to conduct me to him, did not at first understand, секс ташкент memberlist recollecting himself, he said: Posted by Wolf at 3: December 30, at 4: January 5, at Hi, I begin on internet with a directory January 11, at January 17, at 3: March 10, at 4: Great Judges think alike or not From here see also Two golden pillars - the Strashuns not quotable quote: On this note, Секс ташкент memberlist would like A new edition of the Jewish review of books is out About Me Wolf Email: Ishimshittos-at-yahoo-dot-com View my complete profile.

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